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We would like the ability to have a max response time, which is available now but with a Mid response time, meaning if the page fails to load by the MID time then Yellow Exclamation point as long as the Max load is not reached. If mid and max are both reached then Red X icon. I made a mock up picture of what it might look like while configuring the monitor. Mel... has the mock up gif.

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Ted shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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  • AdminProduct Team (Admin, Rigor) commented  · 

    Great idea. And I like the idea of separating "This check run failed" vs "This check run didn't met our criteria" as some kind of warning instead

  • Jeff Allegrezza commented  · 

    It would be very useful for us to clearly denote sites that simply don't meet our desires in terms of response time, but that aren't down and spawning alerts. One of our use cases for Rigor is to provide dashboards and reports to the teams for our various product lines so they can observe sites that are systematically slower than others, providing visibility and desire to fix.

  • Anonymous commented  · 

    I think this would be a great enhancement. Currently reports are being misinterpreted as we share with teams outside our core IT/Networking teams. It would be very nice to have the granularity to separate actual 4xx/5xx errors from good requests that only require an informational notification instead of appearing as an error condition.

  • Melanie Crissey commented  · 

    In some cases - especially when users have custom response time thresholds in place - users may prefer to have conditional alerts only when a check is down (an element not found or a page error) and not when a check is slower than the set threshold.

    We should consider adding a 'warning' type to checks when a page is loading slowly but not necessarily broken in the eyes of the user.

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