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    Step 1 is adding support for custom user timings, since a selenium scripts walking through a flow on a SPA doesn’t generate multiple HARs it generates 1 HAR.

    We recently upgrade our version of FireFox used by RBC, allowing us to leverage the custom user timings API to collect metrics and then report/graph/alert on them. We are planning our SPA/custom user timings project now

    Martin Breest commented  · 

    For single page apps (SPAs) where a lot of Javascript and possibly IFrames are involved for actually loading the page, the default load time based on the onload event is not specific enough and often toggles and therefore leads to confusion when displayed in overviews and reports.

    What we already have is the possibility to define steps (such as "Wait for element visible"), which is really helpful for measuring single page app load times. What we need is the possibility to also overwrite the default load time with the time of a successfully achieved step (from start to achieved step for example).

    Another option would be to support user timings and let us configure in the real browser configuration which user timing time should overwrite the default load time.

    The specific problem I have right now is that I am not able to reliably measure the load time of for example.

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